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Cash Fee Schedule for Our 10 Most Common Lab Studies
(approximate fees as of 11/1/14)

  1. Complete Stool Digestive Analysis, Genova Daignostechs: $220-420.
    Looks for abnormal evidence of dysbiosis and pathogens in the digestive tract.

  2. Food Sensitivity Profile, ALCAT: $200- $1000 (50 to 250 items)
    Looks for food intolerances that may be triggering inflammatory responses.

  3. Expanded Female Hormone Panel, Diagnostechs $270

  4. Adrenal Stress Index, Diagnostechs: $130.
    Looks for normal cortisol levels associated with fatigue and stress.

  5. Comprehensive Nutrient Profile, Spectracell: $160-320.
    Looks for the actual nutrient levels of over thirty needed nutrients

  6. Heavy Metal Toxic Profile, Genova Diagnostechs: $70.
    Looks for over ten different toxic metals

  7. Comprehensive Thyroid Panel with Antibodies, LabCorp: $75
    Looks for thyroid balance and the number one cause of hypothyroidism.

  8. Omega 3 Index, SpectraCell: $150.
    Looks for number one cause of sudden cardiac death.

  9. LipoProtein Particle Profile, SpectraCell. $70.
    The LPP looks at the most important cardiovascular risk factors

  10. Telomere Testing, SpectraCell: $345
    See how fast you are aging genetically compared to optimum.