Dr. Steven Salyers

 Steven C. Salyers, DC CNS DACBN MS


Chiropractor, Certified Nutrition Specialist

Years in field:


Doctorate in chiropractic, 1976

Bachelor of Science, Biology, 1974

Master of Science, Clinical Nutrition, 2010

Specialty Ratings:

Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS)

Diplomate, American Clinical  Board of Nutrition (DACBN)

Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (CFMP) candidate

Clinical Expertise:

Type ll Diabetes

Metabolic Assessments

Integrative Nutritional Detox Programs

Weight-Loss Programs

Blood Chemistry Laboratory Analysis

Practice interests:

I am continually amazed at the complexity of the human body, and its God given ability to self heal.  The key obstacles to this innate healing process include impaired communication from the brain to the cell, which is often the result of spinal misalignment (subluxation), and nutritional deficiencies that can be an obstacle to normal healing by impairing necessary metabolic pathways in the energy formation and utilization within the cell.  My special interest is in mentoring people with type two diabetes.  I have completes classes at Harvard Medical School in metabolic syndrome (precursor to diabetes) and weight management.  Kern County has the highest percentage per capita of diabetic related deaths in all the 58 counties of California.  Although the American Diabetes Association considers this condition to be a chronic progressive disease, I have found that not to be the truth for those that follow a functional medicine protocols with one on one mentoring.  These pathways are necessary for normal cellular enzymatic functions and the removal of environmental toxins from the body.  Many of the symptoms that we treat with medication are simply a result of faulty functioning metabolic pathways.  Although medications often limit symptomatic expression of these problems (like high blood sugar), they may allow the condition to progress over time to where additional symptoms occur, which then require more medications to turn off those symptoms.  This is a treatment model that unfortunately leads to disaster in later years with the dependence on more and more potentially damaging medications.  When the human body is not deficient in nutritional building blocks of health, it is an amazing self-healing organism. These listed factors aren't the only necessary components of good health, however the complexity of the body means that we remain on an ongoing pursuit of finding the factors that influence wellness in the human body and mind.  If you have type two diabetes ask for my free report on REVERSING DIABETES.  Call my personal cell or text at (661) 564-1864 or my personal email address [email protected].  Or better yet call to schedule for our next free REVERSING DIABETES WORKSHOP.

Personal interest:

My personal interests are primarily connected to my faith in Jesus.  Locally I enjoy conducting church services for the kids at juvenile hall on Sundays as well as being active in my local church.  I believe I have a unique appreciation for my blessings because I have been to some of the poorest areas in the world including Africa, Central and South America, as well as the Philippines.   I am a board member of an international ministry that takes me to Africa once a year.  I have been greatly blessed though my participation in these various ministries, and I have received back far more that I have ever contributed.  I have been blessed with deep friendships with people from cultures so very different than my own.  I believe this helps me see life from a perspective that few in the US have the opportunity to see.

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